Projector Maintenance

It is a no brainer that incredible savings can be made through choosing to maintain an existing audio visual equipment as opposed to allowing the existing device to fall into disrepair and then buy a new one.
Manufacturers, channel distributors and resellers are all besieged with numerous overheads, consequently, thir mantra is always, buy, buy, and buy. The new products they are canvassing almost always seem also to be engineered to stay running just till the warranty period runs out.
Let us help you maintain or repair your existing devise, they are stronger and more resilient. It is more eco friendly and it makes economic sense as well.

Overheating affects in particular two sensitive components most severally; the DLP engines of DLP projectors, and the LCD panels of LCD projectors. These are expensive components. Heat will hasten the demise of the DLP chip. Dust build-up will also result in burn-in of sports on LCD Panels. Other components that will be affected by build-up of soot and dust are the air intake and exhaust fans, the color wheel, the light pipe, lens assembly, busted capacitors and a host of other components

Maintenance ensures regular cleaning of the cooling system; fans, air filters and air duct. Light engine cleaning; mirrors, condenser and polarizes. Lens cleaning, inputs ports testing; HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video. Where required, contact cleaning or resoldering of contacts and components.

Listed below are some of the adverse effect of lack of maintenance of projectors. Please note that we offer free pick-up and return service via Fastway, UPS, TNT, DPD, and GLS.


  • Projector Maintenance

    • Washed out colour of burnt out LCD Panels. Jammed focus and zoom due to dirty and misaligned optics
    • Dimmed or discoloured image due to dust build-up on colour wheels or broken colour wheels
    • Broken inputs ports. Flashing Lamp and temperature light due to burnt basalt or fan outage
    • Dust, Specks, and Dark Spots on Projector Image. Part of Projector Image is dark or Missing
    • Electronic Fault Repair - Projector Won’t Power On & Other Projector Power Issues such as Blinking Lights


Free diagnostic + fixed and predictable repair fee per incidence type. We have scaled prices for incidence like broken projector fan, broken color wheel, ballast repair, overheating issue, etc. The estimate given before the pick-up is all you have to pay. If ever we envisage any review, we will run the repair by you before attempting the repair. The repair will only proceed upon your say-so.


F A S T. In today’s fast paced business environment, every business that uses a projector needs a service partner like us. We harness the best of Logistics and SCM by partnering with leaders in the parcel delivery industry. This enables us to provide best in class same-day / next-day collection from anywhere in the United Kingdom & Ireland.


Have you more that one projector to repair? Or you wish to trade in your broken projector for a new one from us? Yes. we offer generous repair discount for clients with regular needs and for those looking to buy a new or one of our refurbished projectors. Call us or visit our online shop for all your projector requirements.