• Specialist Projector Repair Service with Warranty

    Discolouration, Dull Projection, or Blotches on Projected Image, Banding or chicken wire effect, Round blotches on projected image, Damaged lenses and many more.

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Projector repair service in Durham with years of experience in the repair of high end single Chip and 3 Chip digital projectors, multimedia and post-production LED projectors, LCD and LCoS projectors from Sanyo, Panasonic, Barco, Christie, Eiki, Projectiondesign, Epson, JVC, Panasonic and many more.

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Discolouration of projected images

Dull Projector Image

LED projectors and LCD projectors are most susceptible to dull projection due to accumulation of dust on lens assembly. Dirt is also a major factir in projector over heating problems. We can help. 

projector power issue repair

Projector Power Issues

Experiencing projector power problems? blinking tem and lamp light? Projector shutting down? Have you checked your lamp? If not, try a new lamp. If same result, there may be an issue with the motherboard, power supply or ballast. Let us have a look. Evaluation is free. 

white spots on projector screen

White dots on Image

Projectors lamps produce heat. A lot of heat. When DLP and LED projectors are hot and if the fans are coated with dust. It impedes air flows. This affects the DMD chips negatively. When DMD chips start to fail, white dots start to appear. This process is irreversible. The chips can only be replaced. 

lcd projector repairs

LCD Projector Repair

Damaged lenses due to accumulation of dust inside the lenses assembly, burnt to the LCD panels due to heat, these are some of the issue that affect an LCD projector.  Read More

dlp projector repairs

DLP Projector Repair

The main issue with DLP projectors are white dots and colour wheel problems. Dust on colour wheel will cause it to loose speed. This damages the motor and machine stalls. 

projector maintenance

Projector Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one easy yet vital need of any projector on regular use. A lot of savings can be made through choosing to maintain an existing projector. Let us help you keep your projector working.  

Why us?


Free assessments and quotes for your projector repair needs. After the assessment of your projector, we will quote for the repair. The repair of your projector will only commence upon confirmation from you else we will return your machine at no cost. Compare our quotes with other repair companies and you will find that we are lead in the market. Our warranty period is also longer than the competitors.


We receive scores of projectors for repair on weekly basis. From collection to repair, delivery to warranty, all our operation are smooth. We use Kanbanflow system and we will keep in constant contact with you with updates about your repairs from when we collect your projector till it is returned and beyond.


This is a special service for schools, colleges, and other projector repair  companies with two or more projectors to repair. We offer generous discounts and fast turn around. All we do is about projectors. Our dedicated focus on projectors allows for economies of scale. We buy all our replacement parts in bulk. As such, we find it possible to pass on the saving to you as well

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