Projector Recycling

HELP. Together, Lets work to keep our environment healthy.

We offer free EPA Compliant Projector Recycling and Projector Re-marketing services.
The greater the strides we make in technology, the more wanton we become in our disregard for the environment.
Prioritizing re-use and recycling and investing in information technologies waste reduction awareness will go a long way in solving the present predicaments of global warming, energy crisis, and environmental pollution. Making the WEEE work is the responsibility of everyone.
The likes of dedicated computer recycling companies like us makes compliance an easier task. You can arrange to have us take care of your re-use and projector recycling needs


  • Projector Recycling.

    • LCD Projector Recycling.
    • LED Projector Recycling
    • DLP & LCOS Projector Recycling
  • Nationwide Projector Recycling Service

    • Free Collection -Monday / Friday 09:00 / 17:00 Hours
    • Recycling Certificate Available on Request
    • Free Lamp Recycling.


Free diagnostic + fixed and predictable repair fee per incidence type. We have scaled prices for incidence like broken projector fan, broken color wheel, ballast repair, overheating issue, etc. The estimate given before the pick-up is all you have to pay. If ever we envisage any review, we will run the repair by you before attempting the repair. The repair will only proceed upon your say-so.


F A S T. In today’s fast paced business environment, every business that uses a projector needs a service partner like us. We harness the best of Logistics and SCM by partnering with leaders in the parcel delivery industry. This enables us to provide best in class same-day / next-day collection from anywhere in the United Kingdom & Ireland.


Have you more that one projector to repair? Or you wish to trade in your broken projector for a new one from us? Yes. we offer generous repair discount for clients with regular needs and for those looking to buy a new or one of our refurbished projectors. Call us or visit our online shop for all your projector requirements.